This clock is Swiss made (1968), unadjusted, 15 Jewels and uniquely powered by small changes in the atmospheric temperature.  This nice pre-owned LeCoultre Atmos Clock was recently serviced(8-18-14) and presently is keeping time.  Make sure you look at all the photos so you can see all the amazing details of this elegant timepiece.  This clock measures 9.25″H x 8.25″W(at base) x 6.25″L(at base).  The brass shows some slight age patina in a few areas.  All glass is original and without fracture.  We took plenty of pictures and ask that you please view them carefully.  The clock bottom is stamped “LeCoultre & CIE Metal Caliber 528-8 Swiss”.  Stamped inside the clock face is “Fifteen 15 Jewels VXN” and “Switzerland Unadjusted” and “LeCoultre & CIE Atmos”.  The leveling bubble is intact.  It comes with 2 pages of Clock Instructions.  This is a sensitive clock with a locking lever that has to be in the locked position before moving the clock.

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